Season’s Grindings from William Bounds: Gift Guide #2

In our first gift guide, we showcased the William Bounds cinnamon mill and chocolate/multi-use mill gift set.  Our next great gift idea combines William Bounds’ lifetime-guaranteed milling mechanism with the sophistication and elegance of a little “bling”—because every cook deserves to feel like a celebrity!

Willam Bounds' Bling Pepper Mill

Beauty meets state-of-the-art functionality in our Bling pepper mill and Bling salt mill, two of our newest products making a statement on dining tables everywhere.  Each attractive mill features a clear acrylic body and a matte black base and top, accented with five diamond-like gems.  These shiny gems conceal a practical purpose: Each gem’s size corresponds to one of the mill’s five different grating settings, from coarse to very fine.  This visual cue makes it easy to get the setting right every time!

How does William Bounds make it so easy to grind fresh pepper and salt?  The secret is in the milling mechanism that sets our mills apart from traditional grinders.  In a traditional grinder, the twisting motion rotates a rod that turns metal wheels at the bottom of the grinder.  Whole peppercorns are drawn into the wheels and are ground between them, causing flecks of pepper to shave off.  In a William Bounds mill, peppercorns aren’t ground—they’re crushed.  This innovative design eliminates the metal-on-metal grinding that wears down competitors’ mills.  That means William Bounds’ milling mechanisms will not jam or wear out.   We trust our products so much, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our materials and workmanship.

Experience the William Bounds difference this year with the Bling pepper and salt mills.  At just $25 each, we make glamour affordable in a kitchen heirloom sure to be treasured for years to come.  Don’t forget to visit our website, which has some terrific stocking stuffer ideas to go along with our Bling mills!

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