Season’s Grindings from William Bounds: Gift Guide #3

Follow William Bounds as we show you some of our amazing stocking stuffer ideas!

Sharp Shooter Mill in Black

Let gravity crush your spices with the William Bounds Sharp Shooter Battery Mill, available in black or red.  This battery-powered mill springs into action when tilted over your plate, dispensing pepper without knobs or cranks.  Simply stand the mill upright to stop the flow.  Like all William Bounds mills, the Sharp Shooter Battery Mill is fully adjustable, providing coarse to very fine pepper.  The mill’s soft-touch exterior provides a comfortable, easy place to hold.  Lightweight and convenient, at just $30, this mill makes a great gift for anyone who loves freshly ground spices.

If you’re giving the gift of a William Bounds pepper mill this season, why not include some peppercorns, as well?  Our wide selection of gourmet peppercorns, from the rich and spicy Tellicherry black peppercorns to the light and fruity Brazilian green peppercorns, is sure to please any palette.

William Bounds’ Sili 9 Square Bake Liners easily fold into stockings!  Say good-bye to wax paper and line your baking pans with these handy silicone liners.  Sili Bake Liners separate food from the pan, preventing sticking and overbrowning.  Unlike wax paper, Sili Bake Liners are reusable and easy to clean, thanks to their nonporous, stain-resistant silicone construction.  At just $10 for a 2-pack, these liners are sure to impress even the casual baker!

Another Sili Gourmet item perfect for the stocking: the Sili Gourmet Tea Ball, ideal for preparing single cups of perfectly steeped loose-leaf tea.  A silicone cap makes adding and removing tea leaves simple, and smaller holes keep leaves inside the tea ball.  When you’re ready to remove the tea ball, grab the silicone bulb, which will always be cool to the touch.  The Sili Gourmet Tea Ball is constructed with quality stainless steel and silicone, making it nonstaining, heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and most important, durable.  As a fun bonus, the $10 Sili Gourmet Tea Ball offers a color to complement every kitchen: aqua, orange, pink, or green.

These are just a few William Bounds gifts perfect for stocking stuffers.  For more gift ideas, like flavored sugars and Sili Gourmet baking tools, visit our website.

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