Season’s Grindings from William Bounds: Gift Ideas

December is upon us and minds are wandering toward eggnog, tinsel, and of course, holiday gifts!  This December, the William Bounds Gift Guide makes your holiday shopping easy by introducing some of our most popular gifts.

The first great gift from William Bounds: our popular cinnamon mill and chocolate/multi-use mill gift set, perfect for the avid baker or coffee aficionado in your life.

William Bounds' Cinnamon and Chocolate Mill Set

A consistent best seller in our online store, our chocolate/multi-use mill is a truly versatile kitchen tool.  Use it with chocolate morsels or chunks to create delicious and decorative shavings, ideal for adding a stylish touch to mochas, milkshakes, and desserts.  Simply add your favorite chocolate and turn the crank.  The milling mechanism is fully adjustable, so you get the right size of shavings for every project, every time.  This multi-use mill not only creates perfect chocolate shavings, it also works great on nuts and garlic.  And it’s easily disassembled for cleaning!

To add extra pizzazz to desserts  and warm beverages, William Bounds’ cinnamon mill pairs perfectly with the chocolate mill.  A fresh burst of ground cinnamon “pops” desserts like tiramisu and apple pie, and adds a warm seasonal touch to lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos—even hot chocolate.  Made with the same durable acrylic body and milling mechanism as the chocolate mill, your William Bounds cinnamon mill will produce freshly ground cinnamon for many holidays to come.

As part of William Bounds’ extensive pepper and spice mill collection, this gift set features our unique milling mechanism.  This stainless steel milling mechanism eliminates the metal-on-metal grinding that wears down competitors’ mills.  That means William Bounds’ milling mechanisms will not jam or wear out.   William Bounds trusts its products so much, it offers a lifetime warranty on all its materials and workmanship.  Even with this extensive warranty, in its more than 40-year history, William Bounds has never had to replace a single mill due to wear.

William Bounds’ cinnamon mill and chocolate/multi-use mill work great with our cinnamon chips and chunky chocolate.  For other great gift ideas from William Bounds, visit our website.

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