Season’s Grindings from William Bounds: Gift Guide #5

Grainware Diamond Ice Bucket

What do you get the wine and spirits enthusiast or entertainer who has everything?  Look no further than William Bounds’ Grainware, a line of high-end acrylic barware so stunning and chic, party guests will think it’s art.  At second glance, guests will notice Grainware’s practical side as functional barware.  What an easy way to add style and promote conversation with the same product!  Two items that are sure to make unique gifts: Grainware Grand Stemware and Grainware ice buckets.

Grainware Grand Stemware provides the ultimately stylish portable bar—in an oversized drinking glass.  Grand Stemware offers four acrylic “glass” styles: champagne, white wine, red wine, and the ultimate party server—martini.  Each of these giant beauties measures 36–47 inches high and can hold several bottles of wine or liquor on ice.  The wide-brimmed martini server can keep everything from the gin, the vermouth, the glasses—even the olives—on ice.  The uses for Grand Stemware are limited only by the imagination!  One thing is certain, Grand Stemware will add a unique touch of style to any holiday event.

Not to be outdone by the grand scale of Grand Stemware, Grainware ice buckets offer eye-catching elegance in a compact package.  These ice buckets blend the beauty of cut crystal and the durability of acrylic into several fun and attractive designs.  The intriguing Diamond Ice Bucket, fashioned to look like a diamond resting on its side, offers all the cut, color, and clarity of a fine gem—in an acrylic ice bucket!  For the golf enthusiast, there’s the Golf Ball Ice Bucket, shaped like an oversized golf ball, complete with dimples.  Perhaps the most innovative design is the best-selling Planet Earth Ice Bucket, a square ice bucket that features a delicate globe inside—an interesting and sophisticated centerpiece guests are sure to enjoy.  With so many smart and modern varieties, Grainware ice buckets are perfect for adding that unique touch of style to any holiday event.

This stylish, quality acrylic art can only be found in William Bounds’ Grainware line of serveware and barware.  Visit our website to see other exciting Grainware gifts!

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