William Bounds Peppermill

A peppermill adds a whole new world of flavoring to your food… a fresh, delicious flavoring!

The difference between pre-ground and freshly ground peppers is that the longer pre-ground peppers sit the more flavor they lose. By contrast, grinding peppers with a peppermill releases their full aroma only when you need it.

For the best peppermills consider William Bounds Ltd, the name in spice, salt, and pepper mills. All William Bounds products, everything from salt and peppermills, combination mills and sets, Pep Art grinders and shakers, electric and commercial mills, exotic spices and sugar, to bamboo bowls and cutting boards is now available through Pepper Mills & More.

Peppermill Sampling

Elegance Pepper Mill
This Elegance style Peppermill has a clear acrylic body and stands 5" tall.

Elegance Peppermill

"Tradition" Pepper Mill - Wood - Walnut
This Tradition style Peppermill is a wood mill with a walnut finish. This mill stands 7 3/4" tall.

Tradion Peppermill Walnut

Key Mill "WB-1" Pepper Mill
This WB-1 style Peppermill has a clear acrylic body with a metal top and stands 4" tall.

Key Mill WB-1 Peppermill

Traveler Pepper Mill
This Traveler style Peppermill has a natural finish and stands 3 1/2" tall.

Traveler Peppermill

Use a William Bounds peppermill and make your food come alive! The quality of our products, like a peppermill, speaks for themselves… we have never had to replace a single peppermill in over three-and-half decades and we offer a lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Our products are in some of the most famous kitchens of the world… make yours one of them. Order your peppermill online or call 1-800-473-0504.