Season’s Grindings from William Bounds: Gift Guide #4

As seen on the Today Show

In our last gift guide, we shared our favorite ideas for stocking stuffers.  In today’s guide, we’ll show you a gift that, at just $20, would also make a great stocking stuffer, but we think it’s fabulous enough to deserve its own gift wrap.  After all, it revolutionizes two cooking actions in one easy-to-use product!

Introducing one of our best-selling items: the William Bounds Sili Gourmet Baster/Injector Set, featured on The Today Show.  Flavor will never be far from your grasp with this multipurpose tool!  This set features a 15-inch stainless steel tube crowned by a flat-topped silicone bulb, which allows the unit to stand upright on the counter and eliminates drippy messes.  From there, this tool does double duty.  A state-of-the-art basting attachment features widely spaced, ball-headed silicone bristles that will evenly distribute butters, oils, and sauces, and will never shed on to your food.  Because the bristles are silicone, they’re dishwasher safe and easy to clean, unlike traditional basting brushes that can get food wedged in the bristles.  When you’re ready to take a break from basting, there’s also a needle attachment to inject flavor directly into foods.  The Sili Gourmet Baster/Injector set is heat resistant up to 500 degrees and is ideal for use in the oven, on the range, or on the barbecue.

This set is a dream for anyone who loves working with meats—just be sure this gift gets opened before cooking that holiday ham or turkey!

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