Why Sili? The Benefits of Silicone Kitchen Tools

Why Sili? The Benefits of Silicone Kitchen Tools

Here at William Bounds Ltd., we get really excited about kitchen tools that make cooking and baking easier and more accessible to everyone, whether you’re an expert in the kitchen or just starting out. We believe everyone should be able to experience the best of the culinary world without having to visit the newest, most expensive restaurants, so we were really excited when we started investigating silicone baking and cooking tools for our Sili line of products and saw how much easier they made all of our epicurean exploits. Some of the finer points of our Sili line:

With William Bounds’ Sili products, there is no need for greasing or worrying about your food getting stuck on. Silicone is non-stick, so it will gently release your finished recipe once removed from the oven, whether it’s bread, cookies, or anything else you can whip up.

*Silicone is able to handle really high temperatures, so you no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving your whisk or spoon in a pot anymore. Most of the William Bounds Sili line can withstand temperatures of 500°F or more!

*Silicone is really easy to clean, and is stain resistant. Whether dealing with marinades or chocolate, your Sili tools will come clean every time.

*Silicone tools are much like rubber, only better! They won’t scratch your non-stick cookware, but also, they won’t soften and melt or lose their shape like rubber so easily does.

We love our Sili line and think you will too! Hop on over to our estore and check out some of our awesome silicone basting brushes, spatulas, and measuring cups!

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