PepArt Line: Functional Art for the Table from Robert Wilhelm

Ready to spice up your tabletop? Look no further than the William Bounds PepArt line; William Bounds Ltd. has joined together with Michigan-born artist Robert Wilhelm, marrying form with function to create the most captivating in grain ware.

Hand-painted using vibrant colors including red, white, yellow, brown, and black, PepArt grain ware is available with your choice of stripes or polka dots and makes the perfect gift for the entertainers in your life.

The William Bounds Ltd.PepArt line brings wood and metal together to create a blend of texture that will make your table and (of course) your food come alive. Whether you choose a five-pepper blend or use your PepArt mill for salt, the William Bounds mechanism is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Head on over to our e-Store and check out the variety of PepArt grainware we have available; you’re sure to find the perfect pepper mill for your kitchen!

Our Favorite PepArt Mills

The Impression Mill- Painted with Turquoise and Lime, this Mill stands 8.75″ tall.  You can get it here in our e-Store!

Our Tulip Mills are 12 inches tall and come with three settings to choose from— coarse, medium, or fine— so that you can pepper to your heart’s content.

Head on over to our e-Store and check out the rest of our selection of PepArt mills!

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