Welcome to the William Bounds Ltd. Blog!

We specialize in one thing: creating high-quality salt and pepper mills.  Other grain ware grinds its components instead of its contents, which causes the mill to break down over time.  Our design evenly crushes peppercorns (or whatever you may have in your mill) without damaging the inner components.  We offer classic and contemporary salt and pepper mills, spices, beautiful service pieces and other high-quality products for your kitchen.

Blogging will allow us to directly reach our customer base.  Maintaining a blog will extend the service we are able to offer with our products.  We’ll be blogging about new and exciting products, sharing recipes, introducing you to new culinary ideas, and giving you a new medium in order to interact with us. If you’re interested in our products, looking to whip up something tasty, or just curious to know a little more about us— you’ve come to the right place!

You can leave feedback for us a few different ways.  William Bounds Ltd. is on Facebook and we check our fan page daily, so feel free to become a fan!  Any feedback you leave for us or questions you may have for us will be followed up on immediately.  William Bounds Ltd. Is also on Twitter, so send us an @reply and we’ll make sure to respond to you.  If you find yourself with a question about a specific topic, you can always leave a comment on one of our blog posts.

We look forward to interacting with you and hope you find our new blog to be a great resource when it comes to your kitchen and entertaining needs.

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