William Bounds Ltd. Pepper Mill and Salt Mill Company

Timeline. A history of William Bounds Ltd.
  • Shake'n'Twist Invented

    World's first 3 step (fine meduim coarse) adjustable mechanisim. World's first combination salt shaker and pepper grinder. World's first floating grinder that does not wear out.

  • World's First Sea Salt Grinder

    William Bounds invents world's first sea salt grinder.

  • Shake'n'Twist Goes Acrylic

    World's first adjustable grind combination salt shaker and pepper grinder, becomes the first mill in history to be made out of acrylic.

  • Bounds Introduces Wood Mills to Assortment

    William Bounds launches an innovative range of American hardwood products, working together with progressive wood turning plant, HG Winters

  • Acrylic Production Goes Large Scale

    William Bounds purchases first acrylic molding machine for in-house production of acrylic pepper mills.

  • World's First Cheese Grater Mill invented

    William Bounds invents world's first table top cheese grater mill, named the Spaghetti Tree Cheese Mill.

  • Two-in-One Shaker Invented

    William Bounds invents world's first two-in-one salt and pepper shaker. Shake left for pepper and shake right for salt.

  • World's First Nutmeg Grinder

    William Bounds invents world's first nutmeg mill, the Nutmeg Grinder

  • World's First Two-in-One Grinder

    William Bounds invents world's first two-in-one sea salt and pepper corn grinder. Twist handle left for grinding salt, twist handle right for grinding pepper corns.

  • World's First Ceramic Grinding Mechanism

    William Bounds becomes first in the industry to use ceramic components in his grinding mechansims.

  • World's First 5-Step Adjustment Mechanism

    William Bounds introduces a series of inovative mills with five levels of grind adjustment.

  • World's First Multifunction Mill

    William Bounds introduces the first "Multi-Mill" that can grind chocolate, nuts and even garlic.

  • Happy Birthday, William Bounds!

    The original Shake'n'Twist turns 50!

  • Bounds Goes Global

    William Bounds doubles the number of our international distribution partners throughout the world.

  • Bounds Generation 3.0

    Three generations of Bounds family members working together.