Frequently Asked Questions
How do I refill my Pepper Mill?

Refilling Your Mill:

  1. Unscrew the knob on the top of the mill
  2. Remove the top itself
  3. Under the top is space through which you can pour your peppercorns

Genie Mills, Traveller Mills and Neat Mills:

  1. Turn your mill upside
  2. Grasp the acrylic body in one hand and the chrome base in the other
  3. Pull the two pieces apart
  4. When you have clearance turn the chrome base to a 90 degree angle

The base will stay in this position and will give you space through which you can pour your peppercorns. After you are done filling the mill you simply turn the base back into a parallel position with the body and let go, the two pieces will fall back into place.

Refilling Your Electric Mill:

  1. To fill your Tilt N Grind mill the top must be removed. Arrows on on the side of the mill indicate the open and closed positions.
  2. With a firm grip on the base of the mill, twist the top counterclockwise approximately 10 degrees. The top can now be removed.
  3. Avoid over filling your mill. Make sure to leave the drive shaft exposed, so that the top can slide back in place.

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